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Do you know what is community package sending?

TrunkShare is a package sending application that helps to connect people who send packages with others who have a free trunkspace and are heading in that direction anyway. The more parcels the Trunkers deliver the less carbon the courier trucks emit. Help our planet breathe and choose TrunkShare!

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Delivery. Money. Rating.

For Senders


We connect people who send packages with others who have a free trunkspace and are heading in that direction anyway


Cheaper and more flexible than traditional courier services


You help breathe our planet by taking parcels off the courier trucks


You help our community by rating the Trunkers


Quick and easy pick-up and delivery with just one QR code


Track your parcel on the map (live view)


For Trunkers


TrunkShare is not traditional courier company, so most of the package fee is yours


We show you the packages on your way


Reduce or even cover your travel expenses. You are heading there anyway, so why not?


You help to reduce the emission of the courier trucks by driving the same direction where the packages are


Trunker can decide when and how many packages deliver


Getting excellent ratings you can build trust in the community which means more packages for you

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How does TrunkShare work?

Use the app for sending and delivering packages. Send your package or be a Trunker. Pick up and deliver packages on your way. Share your available trunkspace and earn money. The best part of using the TrunkShare app that you can reduce the emissions of the courier trucks. Let’s actively protect our environment together.

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Simple and easy-to-understand interfaces so you can organize everything in one place. A few clicks from the registration to package sending.